Bodyweight Strength Training: 12 Weeks to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Rockridge Press - With essential exercises for your legs, back, abdomen, and arms, plus easy-to-follow workout plans that suit any schedule, Bodyweight Strength Training does the heavy lifting for you. Bodyweight strength training contains:personalized plans catering to various schedules and fitness levelsover 90 illustrations making exercises clear and easy-to-repeatEssential Workouts requiring only 10 to 13 minutes out of your day to startStrength training exercises include: Sumo Squats, Torso Twists, Scapular Holds, Triceps Press-Ups, and much more!A proven track record for success with professional athletes and celebrities alike, Push-Ups, Jay Cardiello shares his strategy here to help you get strong and stay lean.

. Burn fat and build strength with this easy 12-week plan from Bodyweight Strength TrainingWhen it comes to getting fit and feeling good, knowing what to do and finding the time to do it is more than half of the battle. Eliminating the hassle of gym memberships, shape editor-at-large and celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello lays out a fool-proof 12-week plan to show readers how strength training can help them get into shape and burn fat.

Complete Confidence Updated Edition: A Handbook

HarperCollins e-books - You will learn how to calm down, clarify your thinking, comfort your negative feelings, challenge your blame habit, and achieve confidence. Hankin's promise. This essential handbook will teach you how to retrain your brain to manage your emotions and put your problems into perspective. That is Dr. Sheenah hankin points the way to a confident life free of self-criticism, anxiety, and immature anger.

Her winning hand of comfort technique is a clear, concise, and powerful prescription for dealing with everyday situations—from resolving conflicts to ending unhealthy habits like overeating, complaining, and procrastinating. Those who lack confidence often view themselves as victims—blaming others or bingeing on drugs, food, sex, or alcohol to mask their feelings of shame or worthlessness.

Complete Confidence Updated Edition: A Handbook - In complete Confidence, renowned psychotherapist Dr. Confident people react positively and successfully to life's problems and challenges.

How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens

Random House - From an early age, distraction, it is drilled into our heads: Restlessness, and ignorance are the enemies of success. It doesn’t take orders well, to put it mildly. In the tradition of the power of habit and thinking, playful, Fast and Slow comes a practical, and endlessly fascinating guide to what we really know about learning and memory today—and how we can apply it to our own lives.

If the brain is a learning machine, then it is an eccentric one. And if this requires some suspension of disbelief, throughout our lives, that’s because the research defies what we’ve been told, about how best to learn. What he discovers is that, and automatically; but in our zeal to systematize the process we have ignored valuable, from the moment we are born, naturally enjoyable learning tools like forgetting, sleeping, we are all learning quickly, efficiently, and daydreaming.

How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens - Is a dedicated desk in a quiet room really the best way to study? can altering your routine improve your recall? Are there times when distraction is good? Is repetition necessary? Carey’s search for answers to these questions yields a wealth of strategies that make learning more a part of our everyday lives—and less of a chore.

The brain is not like a muscle, at least not in any straightforward sense. By road testing many of the counterintuitive techniques described in this book, Carey shows how we can flex the neural muscles that make deep learning possible. We’re told that learning is all self-discipline, that we must confine ourselves to designated study areas, and maintain a strict ritual if we want to ace that test, memorize that presentation, turn off the music, or nail that piano recital.

But what if almost everything we were told about learning is wrong? And what if there was a way to achieve more with less effort? In How We Learn, award-winning science reporter Benedict Carey sifts through decades of education research and landmark studies to uncover the truth about how our brains absorb and retain information.

14-Minute Metabolic Workouts: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Skyhorse - Time. The perfect gift for anyone trying to lose weight and get fit!14-minute metabolic workouts is the solution to everyone’s time problem, science-based workouts that target the five components of physical fitness—cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, in that it offers fitness-conscious people a variety of compact, and flexibility.

If that’s not enough, the last chapter contains a cleverly-crafted “menu” of workouts so that readers can choose their own daily workout and create an individualized weekly training program. The book, at home, which features photos to accompany the exercise descriptions, also includes workouts that can be done at the gym, or outside.

14-Minute Metabolic Workouts: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Lose Weight and Get Fit - But everyone has 14 minutes. It is the thing that most people claim they don’t have enough of, and the lack of it is the most common excuse for not exercising. This complete guide includes information on cardio intervals, sprint intervals, muscle power workouts, strength circuits, and flexibility workouts—for people of different fitness levels to address everyone’s individual needs.

Train Hard - Get Strong for Women: Lift Heavy - See Results

DK - This fitness manifesto provides clear, step-by-step exercise instruction as well as easy-to-follow workout programs so you can enter the weight room with confidence and become your strongest self. Forget the waif-like model: girls with muscle prove that strong is beautiful, so it's time to brave the pain for the gain to get the body you want.

Using strength-training, cardio, get strong for Women gives you the tools you need to build muscle, and get a strong, and weight-lifting exercises, burn fat, fit body. A streamlined exercise program uniting diet advice and step-by-step exercises for women who want to train hard and lift heavy to look and feel strong.

Train Hard - Get Strong for Women: Lift Heavy - See Results - Women who lift know that training with weights is the best way to firm your glutes, and sculpt a powerful, tone your abs, healthy body.

The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset: Effortless Weight Loss, Rejuvenating Sleep, Limitless Energy, More Mojo

HarperOne - You’ve got to reset and optimize your metabolism. In the stark naked 21-day metabolic reset, fitness expert and co-founder of Stark fitness Brad Davidson shares his exclusive two-tiered program to help you feel great and perform at consistent peak level—with boundless energy that lasts. Davidson begins by showing you how to repair your metabolism by reducing common stressors and removing food sensitivities and toxins that cause inflammation, weight gain and burn out.

A groundbreaking lifestyle plan to help you attain lasting peak levels of health and fitness by resetting and optimizing your metabolism—resulting in a lean, more energy, better sleep, mental sharpness, a heightened sex drive, strong body, and increased resiliency to stress. Are you totally over feeling tired, sick, and under-sexed? Wondering why you aren’t seeing results even though you’re eating all the right foods and hitting the gym?Forget everything you think you know.

The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset: Effortless Weight Loss, Rejuvenating Sleep, Limitless Energy, More Mojo - You won’t lose weight or improve your health cutting calories and carbs or relying on longer and harder workouts. This is the ultimate program for the high achiever on the go. Get the results you’ve always wanted but never thought possible—The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset is the lifestyle plan to help you take control of your health and fitness forever.

Designed to withstand the hectic demands of modern life, The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset includes step-by-step meal plans and easy to follow recipes, without using any expensive, hard to find foods or complicated calculations. Those old school approaches are actually detrimental to your health.

365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success

Meadows Publishing - How to build self-discipline and become more Successful 365 Powerful Thoughts From the World’s Brightest MindsIts lack makes you unable to achieve your goals. Not embracing it in your everyday life means that you’ll never realize your full potential. If you’re ready to finally change your life and embrace self-discipline — not only for the next 365 days, but for the rest of your life — buy this book now and together, let’s work on your success!

Ignoring it inevitably leads to regret and feeling sad about how more successful and incredible your life could have been if you had only decided to develop it. What is this powerful thing? Self-discipline. And if there’s one thing that self-discipline is not, it’s instant. Without it, become fit, you’ll struggle to lose weight, wake up early, work productively and save money.

365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success - What if you had a companion who would remind you daily to stay disciplined and persevere, even when the going gets tough?365 Days With Self-Discipline is a practical, accessible guidebook for embracing more self-discipline in your everyday life. It takes months if not years to develop powerful self-control that will protect you from impulsive decisions, procrastination, laziness, and inaction.

You need to exhibit self-discipline day in, day out, 365 days in a year. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:- why living your life the hard way makes it easy and other suggestions from a successful entrepreneur and longevity scientist;- how to overcome your initial resistance and procrastination based on the remark made by one of the most renowned Renaissance men;- why, according to an influential neurosurgeon, according to a world-famous marketing expert;- how to improve your productivity at work by implementing the advice from one of the most successful detective fiction writers;- how a trick used by screenwriters can help you figure out the first step needed to get closer to your goals;- how to maintain self-discipline in the long-term by paying attention to what a bestselling non-fiction author calls necessary to survive and thrive;- how your most common thoughts can sabotage your efforts and other valuable insights from one of the most respected Roman Stoics; and- how to overcome temporary discouragement and look at your problems from the proper perspective, it’s key to see problems as hurdles instead of obstacles and how to do that;- how to embrace an experimental mindset to overcome a fear of failure a technique recommended by a successful entrepreneur and musician;- how to quit in a smart way, as suggested by a well-known public speaker and author.

The Belly Burn Plan: Six Weeks to a Lean, Fit & Healthy Body

William Morrow Paperbacks - The belly burn plan is filled with all the guidance, tools, and inspiration you need to make the lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impression on your body and overall health. You have the power to change not only the way you look, but also the way you feel. Say goodbye to belly fat and  hello to a lean, and pot bellies have finally met their match with the belly burn Plan, love handles, an easy-to-follow diet and exercise program that will help you shed belly fat fast and for good in just three steps:3-Day Cleanse: Give your body the kick start it needs by reducing inflammation and clearing out toxins that are clogging up pathways in your liver, healthy body—in just six weeks!Muffin tops, arteries, and other parts of your body.

Eat right for your body type: are you an Apple, Pear, Inverted Pyramid, or Hourglass? The answer may surprise you. Discover the best foods for your metabolism and learn how to lose weight naturally with weekly meal plans and 65 quick and easy recipes. Get moving: transform your body with high-intensity interval training HIIT workouts you can do anywhere at any time, intermediate, whether you’re at a beginner, or advanced fitness level.

The Belly Burn Plan: Six Weeks to a Lean, Fit & Healthy Body - Linked to heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, belly fat isn’t just unsightly, it can be dangerous to your health.

365 Health and Happiness Boosters

Conari Press - As proof that possessions don't, in fact, increase the happiness quotient, a study conducted in 1957 and 1992 asked people whether they were happy with what they had in life. In both polls, roughly 30 percent said yes, despite the fact that the standard of living had increased dramatically over the years.

We all want to be happy, but according to research, two-thirds of us don't know how to be happy. And while some are lighthearted and others quite serious, they all will have a positive effect on your mind, body, and spirit. This book rests on the assumption that you can be happier, no matter who you are or what your challenges.

365 Health and Happiness Boosters - Some are attitudes that we can change to create more happiness overall in our lives; others are specific things we can do to lift our spirits in the moment; still others are behaviorial modifications or nutritional supplements we can try. Most of us think happiness resides in the things we don't have: the dream house, the perfect mate, the ideal job, the supermodel's body.

Rather than delivering abstract theory, it offers 365 concrete things to do, to try, or to reflect on, in order to experience happiness.

Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life

William Morrow - Slim by design offers innovative ways to make healthy eating mindlessly easy. Wansink shares his scientific approach to eating, providing insight and information, so we can all make better choices when it comes to food. The pioneer of the small plate movement, drawings, graphs, Brian Wansink presents compelling research conducted at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University by way of cartoons, charts, floor plans, and more.

In slim by design, food psychologist, leading behavioral economist, restaurants, and home kitchens, and bestselling author Brian Wansink introduces groundbreaking solutions for designing our most common spaces—schools, grocery stores, among others—in order to make positive changes in how we approach and manage our diets.

Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life - Anyone familiar with Wansink’s Mindless Eating knows this is not a typical diet book.

Secrets of Self-Healing: Harness Nature's Power to Heal Common Ailments, Boost Your Vitality,and Achieve Optimum Wellness

Avery - Secrets of self-healing ranges from treating common ailments with healing foods and herbs to the all-round balancing of mind and body that is essential for vitality, wellness, and longevity. Read maoshing Ni's posts on the Penguin Blog. A guide to natural healing that combines the wisdom of Eastern tradition with Western medicine and nutritional science.

Inspirational and practical, Secrets of Self-Healing will put readers on the path to a balanced and healthy life. He shows, how negative emotions can make us ill, for example, how simple self-assessments can help prevent disease, how clutter in our homes can create imbalances in our bodies, and how Eastern and Western medicine can work together to fight cancer.

Secrets of Self-Healing: Harness Nature's Power to Heal Common Ailments, Boost Your Vitality,and Achieve Optimum Wellness - In part One, Dr. Then, high blood pressure, in part two, dandruff, insect bites, indigestion, such as sore throat, headaches, sunburn, he reveals his favorite natural remedies for more than sixty-five common ailments, and jet lag. Mao explains that diet, living in harmony with the environment, a positive emotional life, and spiritual growth are crucial for vibrant, self-awareness, exercise, lasting health.