Home Life Around the World

Nest Publishing - Home life around the world is about the relationship we have with that most private and intimate space – our home. All with their own stories and destinies. Food and art lovers. With personal and interesting texts based on interviews with the homeowners, who generously shared insightful thoughts and reflections about themselves and their homes, as well as their philosophy of life and their personal life stories.

Step into personal homes of architects, designers, photographers and other creatives. The homes are located in shanghai, uruguay, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and New York. Richly illustrated with inspiring and honest photos of the home environment of these individuals, whose personality colour every image of the book.

Home Life Around the World - People passionate about the environment.

Choosing Light: When an Earthquake Buried Me and My Family for 5 Days, I Learned to Fully Live

GJ Press LLC - Trapped, his family missing – how can ancient wisdom tell him how to survive? This powerful, true-life drama shows us how to triumph over every darkness. Then a full day, and another… is anyone even looking for him? or is he buried alive? Forgotten? What would you do, trapped in such a predicament? What is going to help him now? This bold, challenging, and another, breathtaking tale of courage reveals the source of willpower that drove a man who would not give up.

Home in india on holiday, Viral Dalal is vacationing with his family when a 7. 7 magnitude earthquake—one of the most ferocious in history—collapses the high-rise building where, just the night before, he had celebrated being together with his family. In every life, there is a source of strength. Now, buried under tons of rubble, without food, water, light, in total darkness, or the ability to even move—and with the ceiling hanging precariously just inches above his head—all Viral wants is to find his family.

Choosing Light: When an Earthquake Buried Me and My Family for 5 Days, I Learned to Fully Live - The cement box he is trapped in, however, will not yield – and hours crawl by. What he learned, we can all learn - about ourselves, and about life. It can empower you to face anything… once you, too, know how to choose light. Do you know yours? what Viral learned by going to his sources of inner strength can change your perspective on living.

A shining, inspirational story you will not be able to put down… or ever forget.

Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging

Greenleaf Book Group Press - He and coauthor Steven Droullard, along with muscle physiology expert Dr. Choose strength. Marni boppart, want to share a little known fact with the world: You don't have to fall apart as you get older. It impacts all of us as we age, unless we proactively prevent it. As a world-renowned investigator and case builder, Fred Bartlit has done this once again with this book.

Amazon bestseller in aging, exercise, weight training, and longevity choose health. Through carefully calibrated progressive strength training and supporting nutrition, you can stave off sarcopenia, along with dozens of other age-related illnesses. Using scientific evidence and real-life case studies, Choosing the StrongPath offers a clear path away from a steady decline in the last third of your life and toward a healthier, happier you.

Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging - Choose the StrongPath. Choosing the strongpath is a book about the most insidious health crisis in the world, Sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting and frailty disease.

The Roving Mind: A Modern Approach to Cognitive Enhancement

ST Press - Simola has produced a convincing treatise on the timely topic of cognitive enhancement. Cognitive enhancement's return on investment. Happens to be the motivation for The Roving Mind. There is a long tradition of improving one's mental function yet only in the latter half of the 20th century have the effects risen and the investment—time, effort, risk, and capital—decreased to such an extent that certain aspects of cognitive enhancement have become a worthwhile pursuit.

The roving mind: a modern Approach to Cognitive Enhancement is a guide to improving human intelligence. Detailing various methods from ancient Roman mnemonic techniques to scheduled pharmaceutical substances to brain-machine interfaces, Mr.

High Rollers: A Novel

North of Sunset Publishing - His dysfunctional romance and his business partner's reckless lifestyle threaten to take them all down. Cameron begins making thousands of dollars of per week, tax-free. College isn't quite what he pictured back home in freezing-cold Chicago. As his operation grows, so does his ego. Cameron raises the stakes, taking on a group of jet-setting international students as customers.

He decides to start a sports betting website with the help of fellow classmate Dylan Posner, a notorious campus party animal. He uses the money to pay off his loans and fund his new South Beach lifestyle. To make matters worse, he is utterly ignored by the opposite sex. Do you love easy-to-read books filled with wealth, and palm trees? If so, intrigue, don't miss reading High Rollers! .

High Rollers: A Novel - Within weeks, hundreds of students sign up, and the business is a runaway success. As the business grows, Cameron's problems multiply further. Fortunately, Cameron has a brilliant mind for numbers. Based on a true story. University of miami freshman Cameron McKinney is in dire need of cash. In a few years, he will graduate with over 100, 000 dollars in student loan debt.

He begins dating grace cooper, the hard-drinking, purity ring-wearing daughter of a prominent Republican Party lobbyist.

The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age

Greenleaf Book Group Press - Less than 20% of organizations are getting digital transformations right, but these digitally transformed organizations can deliver twice as fast as other organizations, cut OPEX by over 30%, and have seen a near-immediate doubling in brand value. Digital transformation promises a bridge to a digital future, where organizations can thrive with more fluid business models and processes.

Wall street journal bestsellerthrive in the Digital AgeDigital transformations are everywhere: business to business, business to consumer, and even government to citizens. The power to act faster and do it better than before sits at the heart of truly digitally transformed organizations. In the digital helix, communications and leadership, product development, authors Michael Gale and Chris Aarons explain the specifics of digitally transforming your organization— from the role of the digital-explorer leader in using information to empower the organization to move better and faster to shifts in sales, marketing, and service and support.

The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age - The digital helix is a practical guide to bringing all the key functions together and includes guidance on developing a digital culture from the ground up—making it part of your company’s DNA—and the mindset tools needed to bring your organization into the digital-first age. Creating this digital-first DNA for your organization will allow you to not only embrace the digital age but thrive in it.

I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships

Autumn Creek Press - Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, practical, this book delivers simple, navigate difficult conversations at work, or connect on a deeper level with friends and family, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life. Mastery of this simple skill will enable you to:• calm and sometimes even eliminate the concerns, respect, fears, arguments• Help others become open to your point of view• Give advice and feedback that sticks• Provide support and encouragement to others, or even prevent, and uncertainties of others• Increase feelings of love, and appreciation in your romantic relationships• Quickly resolve, even when you don’t know how to “fix” the problem• And much moreIn short: this skill is powerful.

. 2018 ipa book award winner+ 2018 readers' favorite award winnerwhat if making one tweak to your day-to-day conversations could immediately improve every relationship in your life?In this 3-hour, whys, conversational read, you’ll discover the whats, and hows of one of the most valuable yet surprisingly little-known communication skills—validation.

I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships - Give the principles and practices in this book a chance and you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make.

The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward

Greenleaf Book Group Press - The authors teach readers how to: *create a sense of safety*encourage exploration*Develop an INpowered team that transcends organizational hierarchy*Foster communication*Be authenticManchester and Kaplan can help you find INpowerment so that you and your colleagues can create a fulfilling, supportive, and open corporate culture.

Based on their work through shift180 with executives and their teams, The Power of Vulnerability offers a new approach to transforming corporate culture so that you can thrive at work and in life. Work is often a source of dissatisfaction for people because in their desire to get ahead, they often lose touch with their values and internal sources of power.

The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward - . Axiom award winner in human resources & employee trainingin the power of vulnerability: how to create a team of Leaders by Shifting INward authors Barry Kaplan and Jeffrey Manchester have leveraged their decades of experience and created a guide to finding success and fulfillment for teams and individuals.

Begin your journey today. Get INpowered. This fulfillment creates loyalty and long-term employee commitment to organizations. The power of vulnerability includes everything that you need to unlock the potential of yourself and your organization. Start a cultural revolution.

Caleb's Window: A Novel

- Like-minded, cara and Aiden join forces, marry, and journey to the States as newlyweds. Welcoming their son Caleb into the world, Cara embraces motherhood. Then she meets Aiden Whyte. Cara endures because of her strength of character, compassion, and an irrepressible joy of life. As caleb comes of age, it's his turn to carve out a place for himself during the late 1960s--a time of turbulence, protest, and incredible change.

Born in the village of easkey, ireland just before World War II, Cara Brannan dreams of becoming a nurse and starting a new life in America. Her mother, an irish suffragette, encourages Cara to set goals and be fiercely independent. As a new mother and nurse in new York City, facing class conflict, gender discrimination and career barriers, she struggles, as well as loneliness.

Caleb's Window: A Novel - He finds new york to be a challenge but filled with opportunity. Caleb's window will quietly move into your heart and mind, remaining long after you turn the final page. She moves to dublin and begins nurses training at Saint John's Hospital, forging friendships and encountering obstacles as a young single woman.

Imagine That

Greenleaf Book Group Press - In his imagination, a surgeon, mark is a heroic soldier, and a daredevil striving to live up to the ideals of the 1950s. Their mutual gift for conjuring up imaginary worlds to cope with reality—which for Mark includes the confusing teachings of his Jewish faith—leads them to push the boundaries between these two realms, imagination, exploring the fine line between love, and the existence of God.

When his family uproots from queens, new york, wealthy, Mark finds refuge from loneliness in an unlikely friendship with an eccentric, to start afresh in Massachusetts, elderly neighbor who has shut out the world following a debilitating accident. The world of mark leonardbig-hearted, eight-year-old mark leonard lives on the brink of two worlds: one steeped in the hardship of post–World War II America, where his father is consumed by financial woes; the other where he’s buoyed by his exceptionally vivid imagination.

My Job: More People at Work Around the World

Greenleaf Book Group Press - The fascinating people that skees meets work in all kinds of industries: health and recovery, tourism and culture, education and finance, agribusiness and processing, and diplomacy and peace. My job explores the dignity, interests, continues to shape our identity, and cultures we work in are different, identity, in turn, and views help determine the career we pursue and how the career, readers just may discover that while the fields, and what causes one to flourish or flounder in it? How does our job shape our sense of identity?As Skees explores how our experiences, and inherent challenges of each occupation, countries, asking such provoking questions as: How has the definition and notion of a job shifted in recent years? How does one land in a particular job, economic viability, the intricate ways in which our work effects our lives are universal.

Amazon bestseller in philanthropy & charitywhat does it mean to have a job?in book two of the series my job: Real People at Work Around the World, author Suzanne Skees profiles fifteen professionals from all corners of the globe, seeking to understand how our work shapes our lives.