Old Mikamba Had a Farm

Nancy Paulsen Books - Nancy Paulsen Books. A giraffe, and an elephant! meet old Mikamba, a baboon, who watches over a wide variety of animals on his game farm in the plains of Africa. And on this farm he had. Children will discover a whole new set of fun animal sounds as they are invited to sing along and roar with the lions, whinny with the zebras, bellow with the rhino, and more! A wonderful introduction to African wildlife that is great fun to read aloud, honk with the wildebeests, this truly irresistible rendition of a beloved song includes a list of animal fun facts and gives children a huge variety of animal sounds to imitate as they pore over the detailed animals, landscapes and patterns in the stunning illustrations.

It is beautifully illustrated by Caldecott Honor winner Rachel Isadora, with her signature collage-style artwork. Old mikamba had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. This fabulous version of the classic nursery song “Old MacDonald” introduces children to a menagerie of African animals and their sounds.

The Princess and the Pea

Puffin Books - There is no shortage of so-called princesses, but how can he tell whether or not they are what they claim to be? Then one night a great storm rages, there comes a knock on the palace gate, and the prince's life is never the same . Puffin Books. When a prince sets out to find a princess to marry, he soon discovers this is not a simple task.


G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers - Putnam Publishing Group. Readers will delight in the vibrant illustrations, let down your hair, thrill at the appearances of the frightening sorceress, Rapunzel, and chime in with the familiar line ?Rapunzel, ? as they follow this well-loved tale. Puffin Books. Caldecott honor winner rachel isadora?s gorgeous collages breathe new life into this classic tale, capturing Rapunzel?s striking beauty and the lush African setting?a new home for this story?with wonderful details such as Rapunzel?s long dreadlocks and the prince?s noble steed?a zebra.

Hansel and Gretel

G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers - Putnam Publishing Group. Caldecott honor winner rachel isadora gives readers a stunning new interpretation of this classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, setting the infamous witch's cottage deep in a lush African forest. Puffin Books. Hansel and gretel's plight feels all the more threatening as they're plunged into the thick, dark jungle of Isadora's rich collages.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Puffin Books - A caldecott honor?winning illustrator gives this classic fairy tale a brand?new setting! Night after night, the twelve princesses mysteriously wear out their shoes. Puffin Books. Putnam Publishing Group. But how? the king promises a great reward to any man who can solve the mystery. The unique presentation of this classic tale is sure to enchant readers with its vibrant imagery.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Rachel isadora has revitalized and reimagined this well-loved Brothers Grimm fairytale by bringing the story of the twelve princesses to Africa. Puffin Books.

The Fisherman and His Wife

G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers - The Fisherman and His Wife - Caldecott honor?winning artist Rachel Isadora brings another fabulous fairy tale to brilliant life with her stunning collages. Puffin Books. Rachel isadora?s captivating collage-style artwork, featuring the African landscape and the increasingly turbulent ocean, provides a wonderful new backdrop for this classic story.

Putnam Publishing Group. Puffin Books. The brothers grimm story of the kind fisherman who catches an enchanted fish, and his greedy wife who always wants more, is perfect for these ?give-me? times.

We All Went On Safari English and Swahili Edition

Barefoot Books - We All Went On Safari English and Swahili Edition - The lively, rhyming text is accompanied by an illustrated guide to counting in Swahili, a map, notes about each of the animals, and interesting facts about Tanzania and the Maasai people. Along the way, lions and monkeys, the children encounter all sorts of animals including elephants, while counting from one to ten in both English and Swahili.

Putnam Publishing Group. Puffin Books. Join arusha, mosi, tumpe and their Maasai friends as they set out on a counting journey through the grasslands of Tanzania. Puffin Books. Barefoot Books.

Mama Panya's Pancakes

Barefoot Books 9781905236640 - How will mama panya ever feed them all? This clever and heartwarming story about Kenyan village life teaches the importance of sharing, even when you have little to give. On market day, mama Panya s son Adika invites everyone he sees to a pancake dinner. Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books. Putnam Publishing Group.

. Puffin Books. Puffin Books.

Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti

Henry Holt and Company - Putnam Publishing Group. 9780805003116. Anansi the spider is one of the great folk heroes of the world. He is a rogue, a mischief maker, and a wise, lovable creature who triumphs over larger foes. In this traditional Ashanti tale, Anansi sets out on a long, difficult journey. Puffin Books. Threatened by fish and Falcon, he is saved from terrible fates by his sons.

Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti - Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books. Puffin Books. But which of his sons should anansi reward? Calling upon Nyame, the God of All Things, Anansi solves his predicament in a touching and highly resourceful fashion. In adapting this popular folktale, combining bold, Gerald McDermott merges the old with the new, rich color with traditional African design motifs and authentic Ashanti language rhythms.

Anansi the spider is a 1973 Caldecott Honor Book.

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears: A West African Tale

Puffin/Dial - Puffin Books. Elegance has become the Dillons' hallmark. Matching the art is Aardema's uniquely onomatopoeic text. 9780805003116. Puffin Books. Puffin Books. Barefoot Books. An impressive showpiece. Booklist, starred review. Winner of caldecott medal in 1976 and the Brooklyn Art Books for Children Award in 1977. Barefoot Books.

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears: A West African Tale - In this caldecott Medal winner, Mosquito tells a story that causes a jungle disaster. Putnam Publishing Group.

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Rise and Shine

Puffin Books - 9780805003116. Puffin Books. Puffin Books. A cumulative rhyme relating how Ki-pat brought rain to the drought-stricken Kapiti Plain. Verna aardema has brought the original story closer to the English nursery rhyme by putting in a cumulative refrain and giving the tale the rhythm of “The House That Jack Built.

Puffin Books. Puffin Books. Barefoot Books. Putnam Publishing Group. Barefoot Books.