Warp Records - Ive made a lot of thinking music, but most of it I ve kept for myself. It started as far as record releases are concerned with discreet music in 1975 or did it start with the first Fripp and Eno album in 1973? Or did it start with the first original piece of music I ever made, all overlaid?Anyway, at Ipswich Art School in 1965 - recordings of a metal lampshade slowed down to half and quarter speed, it s the music that I later called Ambient.

By that I mean they make themselves. What you have here is a recording of one of those unfoldings. I don t think i understand what that term stands for anymore - it seems to have swollen to accommodate some quite unexpected bedfellows - but I still use it to distinguish it from pieces of music that have fixed duration and rhythmically connected, locked together elements.

Reflection - The pedigree of this piece includes Thursday Afternoon, Neroli whose subtitle is Thinking Music IV and LUX. My job as a composer is to set in place a group of sounds and phrases, and then some rules which decide what happens to them. Cd in case bound sleeve with 12 page booklet. I then set the whole system playing and see what it does, adjusting the sounds and the phrases and the rules until I get something I m happy with.

Now i notice that people are using some of those earlier records in the way that I use them - as provocative spaces for thinking - so I feel more inclined to make them public. Reflection is the latest work in a long series.

Music For Installations 6 CD

Astralwerks - Cd shrink-wrapped.


Warp Records - Shrink-wrapped. The album is eno's third for warp, following small Craft on a Milk Sea with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams and Drums Between The Bells with Rick Holland. It finds him expanding upon the types of themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as Music For Films, Music For Airports and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.

. Eno sees it as a continuation of his 'Music for Thinking' project that includes Discreet Music 1975 and Neroli 1993. Lux is one of eno's most ambitious works to date; it is a 76 minute composition in twelve sections that evolved from a work currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy.

Lux - Lux is brian eno's first solo album on Warp Records and his first solo release since 2005's Another Day On Earth.

Finding Shore

Dead Oceans - He always finds a system that can be a source of creativity". I think it permeates my music, and Brian's ambient records. Bonding over a love of the countryside of their Suffolk home, a device that converted the sound of the piano into midi signals, the pair entered the studio and worked with The Piano Bar, which were then further manipulated.

Shrink-wrapped. The result is an album that uses eno's magic to pull deep from Rogerson's subconscious to evoke the strange flat landscape of Eastern England, all heathland, military testing sites and estuary mud. That 'is it organic or is it electronic thing' is so interesting". It's the same as what I do now, funnily enough, I've come back to it".

. After stints playing jazz in new york, a delipadated fenland hotel and in noise rock band Three Trapped Tigers, Rogerson ran into Eno at a gig. Shrink-wrapped. Tom rogerson's life as an improviser began when, as a toddler, he would clamber up onto his family piano stool and try to emulate his sister's playing.

Finding Shore - I do totally hear it, i'll listen and think 'oh that sounds like the bells at Woodbridge, that's the birds, the wind rustling in the reeds', " Rogerson says. It was this classic Eno, almost scientific thing, " Rogerson says now. Now releasing his second solo album, a collaboration with Brian Eno, he feels that his musical life has come full circle: "I remember smashing out C Major chords again and again and really loving it.

The Ship Deluxe

Warp Records - Somebody, something is going to take it all from us: that is the dread of the wealthy. Shrink-wrapped. The ship is eno’s first solo record since 2012’s Grammy- nominated LUX. Shrink-wrapped. Originally conceived from experiments with three dimensional recording techniques and formed in two, interconnected parts, The Ship is almost as much musical novel as traditional album.

Eno brings together beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics, omniscient narratives and technical innovation into a single, cinematic suite. The result is the very best of Eno, a record without parallel in his catalogue. The album’s finale is a lou reed penned cover of the velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free”, a band who were famously credited by Eno as the inspiration behind his early music explorations as an art student.

The album opens with the 21-minute eponymously titled “The Ship” on which Eno’s cyclically sung sea-chant builds in ominous drama, followed by “Fickle Sun”, a song in three movements. Coinciding with the ship’s release, a series of Eno installations will be happening around the world at which you will be able to hear an alternative telling of The Ship in multi-channel 3-dimensional sound installations.

The Ship Deluxe - Paranoia leads to defensiveness, and we all end up in the trenches facing each other across the mud. Brian eno the ship, a new album by brian Eno, will be released on March 4th, 2016 by Warp Records. In addition to the standard version, a collectors edition version of the CD will be available in a beautiful cloth bound case with a spot gloss cover and four individual art cards.

Thursday Afternoon

Emi Import - Virgin. 2009. Uk reissue of this 1985 album from the esteemed british composer, glam, who has been credited with single-handedly creating Ambient music and helping to inspire multitudes of Punk, producer and musician, New Romantic, New Wave and Post-Punk outfits since the mid '70s. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Ambient 1 / Music for Airports

Emi Import - 2009. Virgin. Uk reissue of this 1978 album from the esteemed british composer, producer and musician, who has been credited with single-handedly creating Ambient music and helping to inspire multitudes of Punk, New Romantic, Glam, New Wave and Post-Punk outfits since the mid '70s. Shrink-wrapped. Out-of-print in the US.


Shutov Assembly

All Saints - Deluxe edition : 2CD set. Serene 1992 album, reissued and repackaged with 7 rare BONUS tracks from the era! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Equatorial Stars

Sony Music Canada Inc. 2084613 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Produced by brian eno, allowing space for fripp's guitar solos and sounds to emerge from the center, subtly changing, this album, whose textures and atmospheres from the heart of each track, give Fripp & Eno the opportunity to redefine an area of music they helped launch into the mainstream in the first place.

32 years after their vanguard album no pussyfooting robert fripp and brian Eno came together in 2004 to compose and perform seven new sounscapes on THE EQUATORIAL STARS.


Milan Records - Async is ryuichi Sakamoto’s first studio album in eight years. What kind of “sounds/music” do i want to listen to?" async is the answer to this question Ryuichi has asked himself for the past several years. Shrink-wrapped. This is his most personal release as it follows a long fight against cancer from which Ryuichi Sakamoto emerged with a renewed and passionate creative energy.

This is a journey through analog synth, the sounds of things and of places, an imaginary soundtrack to an Andrei Tarkovsky film and many others musical surprises. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A musician’s musician, iggy pop, ryuichi sakamoto has created intriguing musical unions with artists such as David Sylvian, Bootsy Collins, Tony Williams, Jacques Morelenbaum and many others.

async - As one-third of yellow magic orchestra and an academy Award-winning composer for his work on the soundtrack for The Last Emperor, synth pop innovator Ryuichi Sakamoto is among the most groundbreaking artists to have emerged since the late 70s. This is the album he is the most proud of which synthesizes all of his musical and sound interests.

Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks 2 CDHardcover Book Edition

Capitol - In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing this remastered, extended edition of the album is available. Apollo: atmospheres & soundtracks was written, produced and performed by Brian Eno together with his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The music was originally recorded in 1983 for a landmark feature-length documentary, For All Mankind, film director and screenwriter, directed by American journalist, Al Reinert. This very special anniversary edition - apollo: soundtracks & Atmospheres Extended Edition features the original album remastered by Abbey Road's Miles Showell as well as an accompanying album comprising of 11 new instrumental compositions reimagining the soundtrack to For All Mankind.

Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks 2 CDHardcover Book Edition - Shrink-wrapped.