Widowmaker Jones A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 1

Pinnacle - By dawn the stranger--javier cortina, the son of the famous Texas border bandit, Juan "Red" Cortina--is gone. Then he makes his first mistake, trusting a cheerful stranger. As for newt, addled judge named roy bean to a brother and sister pair of circus gypsies, from an angry, he has a unique talent for choosing the wrong partners, Fonzo Grey and Buckshot Annie.

And vengeance will be Newt's. Praise for spur award winner Brett Cogburn:"Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn's readable prose and lively characters. Publishers Weekly on Rooster"Cogburn amazes and astounds. Booklist. From the great-grandson of famed U. S. So is the gold. It's enough to make a man want vengeance.

Widowmaker Jones A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 1 - So are newt's horse and even his fearsome Colt. 44. Newt chases cortina into mexico, the women he's bedded, where the man is legendary for the horses he's stolen, and the men he's killed. Marshal rooster cogburn comes an authentic new "True Grit" Western classic. With a bag full of gold dust, Newt "Widowmaker" Jones is set for life.

Shadow of the Hangman The Brothers O'Brien Book 2

Pinnacle - The hangman Cometh. The greatest western Writer Of The 21st CenturyWilliam W. For the brothers O'Brien, it's judgment day. The book-loving brother had shared his love of literature with the woman, but her husband claims she spurned Pat's advances and that's why he killed her. Pat's brothers try to track down the real killer, but time is running out.

. Now it looks like patrick will swing from the gallows--especially after his lawyer is targeted, too. A team of hired guns has come to town, and they're choking the family ranch like a noose. And justice will be served--in a hellstorm of blood and bullets. Johnstone, the usa today bestselling master of the epic Western, continues the saga of the four O'Brien brothers--bravehearted men working and fighting the untamed lands of New Mexico Territory to build a dream of America.

Shadow of the Hangman The Brothers O'Brien Book 2 - . When a farmer's wife is murdered, an innocent man is accused: Patrick O'Brien.

Jingo: A Western Story

Blackstone Publishing - The big event of the festival was a high-stakes poker game in Joe Slade’s saloon with Wally Rankin holding most of the chips. And it would only take a couple of well-placed bullets to reveal it to the others in the room. But it didn’t take long for Jingo to figure out why: Rankin was cheating. The day jingo rode into Tower Creek, the town was busy celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

Buzzard Bait A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 2

Pinnacle - Matilda once did him a good turn up on the Pecos and—flat broke and half drunk or not—he’s got to help the old gal out. Praise for spur award-winner brett Cogburn   “Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn’s readable prose and lively characters. Publishers weekly on Rooster   “Cogburn amazes and astounds.

Booklist. Two-time spur award winner brett cogburn brings back the true grit and glory of the Old West—with a hero as glorious as the author’s real-life ancestor Rooster Cogburn. They call him the “widowmaker”   newt jones is none too proud of his deadly nickname. But when you tangle with the likes of Judge Roy Bean and the notorious Mexican outlaw Juan Cortina, a man’s bound to earn a reputation.

Buzzard Bait A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 2 - . Sure, newt’s outnumbered, outgunned, and probably out of his mind. But they don’t call him Widowmaker Jones for nothing. Or get stuck with a moniker like “Widowmaker. Even so, hang up his winchester, Newt is ready to put his gunslinging days behind him, and take it easy.

The Winged Horse: A Western Story

Blackstone Publishing - On account of his youth, most everywhere else called him the Lonesome Kid. But when he finally gets arrested for vagrancy, he tells the sheriff his name is Alfred Lamb. Will that identity stick when he tries to help a rancher battle off a pack of cattle rustlers?With a lengthy career in pulps, comics, and with over two hundred full-length Western novels to his credit, and early cinema, including Destry Rides Again and Montana Rides and the iconic Dr.

Denver knew him as the doctor; Texans called him Montana; and folks in Idaho called him Texas. Kildare series, max brand’s action-filled stories of adventure and heroism in the American West continue to entertain readers throughout the world. He was still a young man, building a bad reputation that spanned the West, but he’d used that handful of years effectively, his villainy taking different forms everywhere it took roost.

The Shepherd of Guadaloupe: A Western Story

Skyhorse - There was the same mystery in the black hollows of the sea as from boyhood he had seen and feared in the gloomy gulches of the foothills. So begins zane grey’s The Shepherd of Guadaloupe. A soldier returns home to find his parents displaced and their property stolen in this classic Western. He leaned propped against the rail of the great ship, in an obscure place aft, shadowed by the life-boats.

The shepherd of guadaloupe tells cliff’s heroic journey as he battles Lundeen while juggling his love for his parents and the love of Lundeen’s daughter, Virginia. Skyhorse publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction that takes place in the old West. The ridged and waved atlantic, but for its turbulence, looked like the desert undulating away to the uneven horizon.

Westerns—books about outlaws, chiefs and warriors, sheriffs, cowboys and Indians—are a genre in which we publish regularly. It was the second night out of Cherbourg and the first time for him to be on deck. With his parents robbed of their property and the area under the firm control of his old acquaintance, Lundeen, Cliff must fight both his enemy and his ailing body to regain the right to a peaceful life on the land he once called home.

The Shepherd of Guadaloupe: A Western Story - After surviving the brutality of the First World War, Clifton Forrest returns home to find that his childhood home was stolen from his family. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Our list includes international bestselling authors like Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour, and many more.

Buckskin Brigades, Murder of a Native American by Lewis and Clark alters Blackfoot History: An Authentic Adventure of Native American Blood and Passion

Galaxy Press - Hubbard has reversed a time-honored formula and has given a thriller to which, at the end of every chapter or so, another paleface bites the dust.  .  . Ron hubbard fiction storyNew York Times Best Selling Author. Experience a panoramic journey across the pages of American history in this thrilling story of a proud, courageous man pushed to the limits of endurance.

 .  . And of a country on the threshold of a bloody conflict that will change it forever. The lewis & clark murder of a Native American Blackfoot Indian changes the course of history. Mr. One white man raised by the Blackfeet—Yellow Hair—undertakes a treacherous adventure across the uncharted wilderness.

Buckskin Brigades, Murder of a Native American by Lewis and Clark alters Blackfoot History: An Authentic Adventure of Native American Blood and Passion - Has an enthusiasm, even a freshness and sparkle, decidedly rare in this type of romance. New york TimesL.

Ride the Moon Down: A Novel Titus Bass Book 7

Bantam - Estleman. Traveling with his wife and infant daughter, Bass heads north into Crow territory. Johnston is an authentic American treasure. Loren D. Praise for Terry C. Johnston   “No one does it better. And another kind of epidemic—this one of greed—brought by two powerful, profit-hungry trading outfits will determine the fate not only of free trappers like Titus Bass.

. But the destiny of the entire nation. The time of the mountain man is coming to an end, but some—like Titus Bass will not exit gently. And for the original trailblazers like titus Bass—bold, resourceful men who dine on buffalo meat, trade in beaver pelts, and live among the warrior bands—the world will never be the same.

Ride the Moon Down: A Novel Titus Bass Book 7 - One of the great frontier historical novelists of our generation. Tulsa world   “Terry C. A deadly outbreak of smallpox, brought west by the white man, threatens both Indian nations with annihilation. But what should have been a joyous reunion with his wife’s people turns to tragedy when Bass’s family is kidnapped by the warring Blackfoot.

A brilliantly exciting and thoroughly researched novel of the end of the dream that was the unmapped and virgin wilderness in the American West starring the king of the mountain men, Titus Bass. A new dawn was rising over the vast, once uncharted territories west of the Mississippi.


Pinnacle - Together they aim to rid this violent territory full of rustlers, horse thieves, and the rest of the devils who slaughter innocents with no remorse. For in a land where your fortunes can change at the cock of a hammer, a man has to stay on his guard if he's going to protect what's rightly his--and live to enjoy it.

. Brett cogburn lives in Oklahoma with his family. But when these friends fall for the same green-eyed beauty, their brotherhood will be put to the test. Panhandle, 2013 western writers of america spur award winner, best first NovelBeyond True GritFrom the great grandson of the real Rooster Cogburn, iconic hero of the Old West, comes a novel that adds an exciting new chapter to the legend of the Texas frontier.

Panhandle - Into that wild unknown country ride two young cowboys. Growing up around ranches, and backwoods hunting camps filled Brett's head with stories, livestock auctions, and he never forgot a one. Nate reynolds is the scion of a well-to-do family who lit out for the Panhandle in search of adventure--and gold. Cowboys are just as wild as they ever were, and I've been damn lucky to have known more than a few.

The west is still teaching him how to write. The texas panhandle of the late 1880s is the last great open range of American legend.

Justice Comes Home The Texas Riders Western A Western Frontier Fiction

- He refused to fight, until the fight came to him.  . Perry wallace lives by the cowboy's code:1- care for your ranch, 2- love your family, and3- defend justice.  . But. When the law fails, you have to take justice into your own hands. When the wedding of a close friend falls under attack from unseen assailants, the bride is killed and the groom is crippled for life.

Perry and his family barely escape.  . No one knows who is behind it or why, until the attacks continue.  . Rusty Taylor was born evil. His thirst for blood and murder cannot be quenched, and the more you scream, the more he smiles. His little brother was the same way, until Perry killed him while defending the honor of two young women.

Justice Comes Home The Texas Riders Western A Western Frontier Fiction - Now rusty's ready to wage war. He does not forgive and forget. He murders and punishes. And what he wants now is for Perry to suffer.  . But perry's brothers won't let him fight this battle alone.

Kill Town A Corrigan Brothers Western Book 2

Pinnacle - Cotton smith turns in a terrific story every time. Roundup   acclaimed western author Cotton Smith tells the epic story of the Corrigan brothers, who will risk their lives to tame the American west. Smith knows cattle drives and cowboy lore. Publishers weekly   “cotton Smith’s stories are centered around the wonders of the human spirit in overcoming life's obstacles.

True West. They rob the bank, kill the marshal, and break the rest of their gang out of the jail. Seeking vengeance for their boss, eight of Bordner’s killers storm the town. For a moment, peace looks possible for these three weary veterans of the trail—until the guns begin to fire. Blue stays behind, stepping into the marshal’s role to guard the jail, as the Corrigans risk their necks to save the only place they have ever called home.

Kill Town A Corrigan Brothers Western Book 2 - But before they can get the bar 3 back on its feet, Deed, Holt, and Blue must fight to rebuild the town by buying the bank and appointing a marshal. Hard-eyed characters and six-gun action. To save the town, deed and Holt hit the trail, planning vengeance the only way they know how. Kill town   agon bordner is dead, and the ranch he cheated for has been handed over to Deed Corrigan and his brothers.